mobi files

 It is now possible to take an epub file, send it to Amazon via the internet, and have it installed on your Kindle. This apparently has been true since the middle of 2022. The good news is that you can still manually transfer a mobi file directly to your Kindle using the Kindle USB cable.… Continue reading mobi files

Foundation/ Robots Timeline

Friend of the Page, Attila Torkos has created two timelines for Asimov’s Foundation and Robots universe. They are quite excellent and a lot of fun to read. Timeline number one is everything Attila considers canon. Here is the link. Timeline number two is for authorized works only. That link is here. I hope you enjoy… Continue reading Foundation/ Robots Timeline

Transferring epub files

It is no longer possible (as far as I can tell) to email an epub document to your iPad (or iPhone). I have, however, found and tested two ways to make a transfer to the new iOS app, Books. 1) Using iTunes: Attach your iPad (or iPhone) to iTunes on your computer. Drag (transfer) the… Continue reading Transferring epub files

Email Contact

I have temporarily closed If you need to contact me in the meantime use: mltid at ibmjob dot dk———-Thanks!

Archive of Our Own

This is a message I received from one of the friends of this page, who is an author in her own right (and a very good one too). It concerns a website called Archive of Our Own, which is dedicated to both writers and readers.  You don’t have to be a writer to enjoy the… Continue reading Archive of Our Own

Update Book Three

It has been a while since my last update – over a year – but during that time I have managed to stay on schedule. Right now I am a little over halfway through part 2 (which will be around as long as the six chapters in part 1). Part 3 will not be nearly… Continue reading Update Book Three

Book 3 Progress Report

I am now finished with the first third of book three (six chapters). During the rest of April and the month of May (2021) I will be going back to it for the second rewrite/first edit, and to see, in general, where I am at. I am considering making a stylistic change for part 2,… Continue reading Book 3 Progress Report