Foundation/ Robots Timeline

Friend of the Page, Attila Torkos has created two timelines for Asimov’s Foundation and Robots universe. They are quite excellent and a lot of fun to read. Timeline number one is everything Attila considers canon. Here is the link. Timeline number two is for authorized works only. That link is here. I hope you enjoy… Continue reading Foundation/ Robots Timeline

Transferring epub files

It is no longer possible (as far as I can tell) to email an epub document to your iPad (or iPhone). I have, however, found and tested two ways to make a transfer to the new iOS app, Books. 1) Using iTunes: Attach your iPad (or iPhone) to iTunes on your computer. Drag (transfer) the… Continue reading Transferring epub files

Email Contact

I have temporarily closed If you need to contact me in the meantime use: mltid at ibmjob dot dk———-Thanks!

Archive of Our Own

This is a message I received from one of the friends of this page, who is an author in her own right (and a very good one too). It concerns a website called Archive of Our Own, which is dedicated to both writers and readers.  You don’t have to be a writer to enjoy the… Continue reading Archive of Our Own

Update Book Three

It has been a while since my last update – over a year – but during that time I have managed to stay on schedule. Right now I am a little over halfway through part 2 (which will be around as long as the six chapters in part 1). Part 3 will not be nearly… Continue reading Update Book Three

Book 3 Progress Report

I am now finished with the first third of book three (six chapters). During the rest of April and the month of May (2021) I will be going back to it for the second rewrite/first edit, and to see, in general, where I am at. I am considering making a stylistic change for part 2,… Continue reading Book 3 Progress Report

Downloads working again

Downloads are now possible again. I only just realized that there was a problem with them. It apparently occurred when I attached an SSL Certificate to my webpage for security reasons. The new address is https:// instead of http://. Google Chrome announced that they will no longer allow downloads from unsecured pages. The problem lay,… Continue reading Downloads working again