One Year Later

I was somewhat discouraged to see that a whole year has passed since my last post. I haven’t been idle, though. I have a writing schedule (such as it is) and have managed to stick to it through thick and thin. I’ve just completed chapter 13 of The Robots of the Interregnum which leaves me with two chapters to go. The last two chapters take place on Kalgan (14) and Terminus (15). At the rate I am writing, they should take about four months apiece. Then I will start rewriting and editing. There will be a good deal of consistency editing (for lack of a better term) plus I am planning a few minor in-chapter additions. Rewriting and editing will, I hope, take me around nine months. After this, I will need about a month to prep the book for e-book formats and then I’ll put it up (FOC) on this website.

I won’t wait too long to start on book number 3 (which I thought to entitle Beyond Foundation, until the Star Trek franchise beat me to the punch). I have high hopes that I can start to write at a faster clip by then. This October I will make a (really tough) decision on whether to continue working full-time (for two years), switch over to part-time, or stop working altogether. As they say in Denmark: I have seven minds on the matter.


I’ve completed ten chapters of The Robots of the Interregnum and I am well into chapter 11. The book is going to need a couple of rewrites when I get done so it is hard to predict exactly when I will finish it and get it posted (on this website). The last five chapters are mapped out (pretty much).  After that it will be on to Book number 3 and the conclusion of the story.  I will continue to update my progress as I go along.

Progress update

I’ve now completed eight chapters of Robots of the Interregnum. I plan to write 15 chapters in all, and so far the schedule is going along pretty much as planned. I will continue to post my progress as it develops.

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Books 1, 2, and 3: Final Foundation

Book 1

My plan is to put Book number 1 up on this website for download – f.o.c. – before the end of the year 2014. I promised the Asimov lawyers I would neither try to sell nor publish the book, therefore Foundation and Second Empire will, from now on, be considered a fan fiction novel. I will put the book up in two formats: epub for iPad and mobi for Kindle.


Book 2

Except for an edit/rewrite of chapter 6, I have not worked on this book since July 2014. That was when I received the cease and desist order from the Asimov Estate. I have worked on another (non-Foundation) book periodically over the last year, but have decided to return to the Final Foundation trilogy and see it through to the end. I will use December 2014 to get this website up and January 2015 to re-read where I’m at. I’ll begin writing again in February.

The book has the working title Robots of the Interregnum and is set in FE 999. Please understand, I am not able to be a full-time writer. I have a day job that needs seeing to, plus all the usual things that fill up a person’s life. Sometimes the progress will be slow, and sometimes there will be no progress at all. Eventually I will finish this book and put it up on this website, f.o.c. Naturally I want the book to be something I am proud of, and something you enjoy reading. By the time I pick up this book again, I will have lost seven months. I apologize for this, but I really was in doubt about whether or not I should proceed.


Book 3

Book 3 has the (very) tentative working title Beyond Foundation. It is set in the future.