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Book Three

I have been working on book three since the summer of last year. I have finished (and first-time corrected) chapters one and two. Upon completion of TROTI, I took (a much needed) seven-month hiatus from writing. I used the time to recover a bit and to map-out the new book in my head. More difficult was actually getting going on it.

The first three months of writing were slow, sporadic, and laborious. I then began to get into a rhythm, and now I am on a disciplined five session per week schedule. Some days are still better than others, but apparently, for me, this is how it always is going to be.

The third book is set 800 years after the second book, well into the Second Empire Era. I have a tentative title for the book (but I do not like it very much, and will probably not use it). If anyone has a good idea for a title, send it along to the administrator (me) of this web-page. I promise to duly credit you for any good idea I appropriate.