1. I finished reading The End of Foundation a few days ago. I do not know where to begin… so probably the best is with a profound, heartfelt thank you.

    The End of Foundation is everything I hoped for, everything I could imagine for a conclusion of the Asimovian saga… and much more beyond those.

    It is an extremely complex novel, where you managed to pull together every relevant thread, every important person, locale and event of 20.000 years (and much more) of human history and find a believable, plausible and satisfying resolution for them. I believe it was a brilliant writer’s technique that you applied in the second half of the novel to tackle this enormous task: twining together story narratives with quotes from “published” works, news reports, entries from the Encyclopedia Galactica and interviews to chronicle the endless faces, locales and aspects of the war. Wonderfully done!

    I also immensely loved how you broadened the scope of view of human history. You picked up a few hints of Asimov about alien intelligences and brought them to vivid life. You put the question of human evolution into the much grander picture of the role and fate of intelligence in the universe which befits and expands the grandeur of the original novels. I especially appreciated the way you honored Asimov’s original idea of Galaxia being the only entity able to drive off an alien threat to mankind by refining it in such a way as Gaia is not simply a replacement to a Foundation experiment gone obsolete but rather a valuable addition to it, while the Foundation is an instrument of maturing mankind to be able to appreciate the benefits of what Gaia offers. The title for the novel, The End of Foundation is truly a fitting choice.

    I do not know what more to say. I cannot thank you enough for putting all the time, love and perseverance into completing the Robot-Empire-Foundation saga. My gratitude is beyond words.

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