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This is a message I received from one of the friends of this page, who is an author in her own right (and a very good one too). It concerns a website called Archive of Our Own, which is dedicated to both writers and readers.  You don’t have to be a writer to enjoy the page, nor are you required to become a member (guest readers are wholeheartedly welcome). I highly recommend both the site and the excellent stories by woodswalker88, and urge prospective writers and other authors to consider using this resource:

“I have written several Asimov/Foundation-based stories on the site Archive of Our Own:

My main works are two novellas about the Second Foundation: Foundation’s Martyrs and its sequel, Foundation’s Heroes. These stories take place during and after the last chapters of Asimov’s Second Foundation.

I am now working on a series about the Second Foundation, starting with Wanda Seldon in the year 3 F.E. and continuing for the next few centuries. This group (the one that counts, according to Ebling Mis) has remained very much a mystery and I hope to change that.

Please visit. I would be thrilled to have readers’ comments!”

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