Downloads working again

Downloads are now possible again.

I only just realized that there was a problem with them. It apparently occurred when I attached an SSL Certificate to my webpage for security reasons. The new address is https:// instead of http://.

Google Chrome announced that they will no longer allow downloads from unsecured pages. The problem lay, as far as I could tell, in my old internal links (some went back to 2014). These are closed now, replaced by new links to the bundles.

I have tested downloads on Chrome, Safari, and Edge, and all seem to be in working order, show secure, and confirm that my SSL Certificate is valid. If you have any difficulties downloading, please write me at


  1. Anthony says:
    23/03/2021 at 07:15
    I was hoping you would have an update on the progress and release of the third book.

    1. I am currently approaching the end of chapter 6 which will finish off Part 1 of the book. After that I will do the second correction/first edit of Part 1. I hope to be done with this by the end of May (2021). I will write an update when I get there.

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