Book 3 Progress Report

I am now finished with the first third of book three (six chapters). During the rest of April and the month of May (2021) I will be going back to it for the second rewrite/first edit, and to see, in general, where I am at. I am considering making a stylistic change for part 2, but I still have around six weeks of procrastination to reconsider (chicken out, that is).


  1. Very much enjoying book one and two hopefully you will be able to finish book three to your satisfaction. It’s too bad that this work is so under promoted.

  2. Love your series and your emphasis on the humaniform robots since they are so little described as a society in the main series (realistically because their existence as a larger body was one of the last things Isaac wrote before his demise….). Perhaps with the new series coming out it will draw interest to the series and extended works such as yours. I recognized that Demerzel will play a role in this series… perhaps it will share similar emphasis as yours.

  3. Jeffery,

    As someone who has been a fan of the Foundation series and Isaac Asimov himself, its great that you are writing this. Loved your first book and am looking forward to reading your second one. Am going to hold off on reading your third and wait for the final. I would love to have your book in print. I think you are great scifi writer. Good luck in your writing endeavors.

  4. Hi! I’m a longtime Asimov fan, and I just discovered a fan fiction site Archive of Our Own. I posted a story ‘Foundation’s Martyrs’ about the Second Foundation, and now I”m brainstorming a whole series about the history of the Second Foundation (“the one that counts”, according to Seldon in ‘Forward’.)
    I received a long comment on my story, and the commenter told me about your new books, and I immediately went on a search for them. I’m so excited to find these books, I can’t wait to read them, and THANK YOU so much for writing them.
    You could definitely post these on, where lots more readers could find them.

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