Second Edition

The second edition of The Robots of the Interregnum is now available for download. This edition corrects some of my minor typographical errors from the first edition. Sincere thanks to Attila Torkos for his eagle-eyed editorial expertise.

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  1. As a keen reader of SF and of Asimov’s Foundation series in particular I was very fascinated to find your first book of the Final Foundation Trilogy “Foundation and Second Empire” five years ago. That book was so well written and carried forward Asimov’s story line and characters in a very convincing way. In particular I was fascinated by how much research you must have put into integrating so much detail of the original Foundation saga.
    Now you have published the second book of the trilogy, which I downloaded in early March 2019. Again very fascinating and just as erudite as the first book. I particularly liked how you developed the character of Dors Venabili from a rather feisty robot to one who developed feelings and deep emotions, and who is accepted as a woman by her many friends.
    I would like to offer my help in clearing up some of the unavoidable errors in a text of this magnitude.

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