Third Edition

The third edition of The Robots of the Interregnum is now available for download.

This edition incorporates a list of 188 corrections sent to me by John E. Wulff. It was a lot of effort on his part, and I thank him profoundly for all the work he put into it. I did not use every correction. There were occasional instances where I was not quite in agreement with him. But I did use over 90% of his suggestions, and I also found a few of my own.

The majority of corrections were omitted words (usually small connecting words like articles, prepositions, and pronouns). The next biggest group was comprised of words that my spell-checker could not find (like using the in place of they). Additionally, there were more than a few embarrassments (such as using polls for the word poles).  I also learned that forbearers and forebearers are not English words (although there is some doubt about the latter). The correct word (I found out) is forebears. The same process occurred with a few other words I inadvertently made up.

There was one other change I made to the text: a certain statement of probabilities that one of my characters asserted. This according to John (who is a scientist) was patently false. So he asked me to correct it, and I did. John knows what it is, and so do I. If you can spot it, please send a short note to this webpage’s administrator (me) or write it up in a comment.

Once again, I want to thank John for his comprehensive editorial work. I hope the reader finds this edition much improved.

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