Progress update

I’ve now completed eight chapters of Robots of the Interregnum. I plan to write 15 chapters in all, and so far the schedule is going along pretty much as planned. I will continue to post my progress as it develops.


  1. I am glad I was able to stumble upon your website. I very much enjoyed your first book and I’m looking forward to reading your second. I think you did an excellent job with book 1.


  2. I read the 1st book years ago when it came out and have it on my kindle. I have been waiting and every now and then I look to see if the others were written and noticed it’s no longer there. Are you still working on the next two? I am very excited to continue on. I will keep hoping that you complete the series. Thanks for writing

  3. Me again! I re read “foundation and second empire”. You have a real talent and I for one am very grateful that you have written it. I am still looking forward to the rest. I hope that many other Asimov fans get a chance to read this. It’s awful when you know a story will not go on and in this case it does thanks to you. It’s unfortunate that the Asimov Foundation will not approve of these as they are so good.

    Best of luck and please keep it up. Thanks

    Rick Trimble

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