I’ve completed ten chapters of The Robots of the Interregnum and I am well into chapter 11. The book is going to need a couple of rewrites when I get done so it is hard to predict exactly when I will finish it and get it posted (on this website). The last five chapters are mapped out (pretty much).  After that it will be on to Book number 3 and the conclusion of the story.  I will continue to update my progress as I go along.


  1. Mr Brown:

    I am glad you are pursuing and committed to continue writing the books on the foundation universe. I am a devoted fan of Mr Asimov and read probably about everything out there he wrote (including some of his somewhat boring books on physics and what have you).
    I got concerned when Amazon no longer carried the digital book I bought 2 years ago. Please dont give up , and continue your work.
    I will commit heresy but I dare to say your book “Foundation and Second Empire” was as good if not better than the original Asimov’s novels.

    Thank you for your work.

  2. I hope all is well. It’s been awhile and thought I would check in and see if the writing was going. See if maybe a release date may have been thought about. I am still looking forward to reading more.

  3. I know you only asked for “up to $1” for contributions, but I’d like to suggest to those who download your next book(s) that we donate the price of the book as if the Asimov estate actually approved it.
    Personally, I buy paperbacks, so I’d be willing to pay whatever was determined to be the price of a paperback version. Mind you, I would write this up for my own records as a donation only, to be used as Mr. Brown sees fit. I am not really purchasing the book since the Asimov’s don’t allow that.

  4. Dear Mr. Brown,

    I have read your first Foundation book so many times and await with trepidation/desire to read your next book in your series. I am as excited for this book as I was for Harry Potter. Could you please update your site on an estimated date for publishing???? Thanks so much.

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