Spam Filter (again, again)

I had to add a new spam filter because my old one stopped working.  If you don’t see your comment posted on the site within 48 hours, please send me an email at

One Year Later

I was somewhat discouraged to see that a whole year has passed since my last post. I haven’t been idle, though. I have a writing schedule (such as it is) and have managed to stick to it through thick and thin. I’ve just completed chapter 13 of The Robots of the Interregnum which leaves me… Continue reading One Year Later


I’ve completed ten chapters of The Robots of the Interregnum and I am well into chapter 11. The book is going to need a couple of rewrites when I get done so it is hard to predict exactly when I will finish it and get it posted (on this website). The last five chapters are… Continue reading Two-thirds

Progress update

I’ve now completed eight chapters of Robots of the Interregnum. I plan to write 15 chapters in all, and so far the schedule is going along pretty much as planned. I will continue to post my progress as it develops.

Spam Filter

I had to add a spam filter to the page. I was getting between 15-20 robo-spams every day. If you have trouble posting a comment because of the filter, please send a quick email to the administrator at:

Foundation and Second Empire

I am just getting this webpage up. More on the future of Foundation and Second Empire + more on the status of book number two with the working title of Robots of the Interregnum.