Foundation and Second Empire

I am just getting this webpage up. More on the future of Foundation and Second Empire + more on the status of book number two with the working title of Robots of the Interregnum.


  1. Dear Mr. Brown,

    I have been a huge fan of Asimov since I was a teenager. I am now in my 60s. Over this period I have read the Robot, Empire, and Foundation series several time. Last year I found your book on iTunes and purchased it. I read it while on a winter vacation on the beach. I was enthralled. I felt I was reading Asimov. It was so good that I decided it was time to read all the books (including the 3Bs and non Asimov short stories) based on the Robot/Empire/Foundation universe in order of the universe time. I am currently in the middle of Foundation. What i now realize is that your book is even better than I originally thought. You write just like Asimov and your story ties all together perfectly. In fact after re-reading what I have so far I can’t wait to read your book again. I suspect there is much I will say “how did I miss that the first time around”.

    I promise you I will be the first person to obtain your next book. I only hope you will be able to get this out. If there is anyway you can inform those of us who have gone to this website when it is available I for one will truly appreciate it.

    All the best

  2. I would like to post my original review of Foundation and Second Empire here, as it was removed when the book was de-listed at the Amazon website. Here it goes:

    The last officially commissioned Foundation novel was published in 1999 (Foundation’s Triumph by David Brin), and it seems that there will be no more. The following is a quote from a private correspondence with a high ranking representative of the Asimov Literary Estate: “…I also think the Foundation books should not be tampered with because it’s too iconic and no writer, even the most successful ones could come close to the brilliance of the works.”

    I will tell you honestly, I never for one minute agreed with this attitude. Yes, Asimov’s works are brilliant, that is why we are infatuated with them. But, let’s be honest about it, even Master Asimov was not always blessed with brilliance: we know that HE could not figure out a logical conclusion to Foundation and Earth, that is why he backtracked to the early days of Seldon in his last two novels. On the other hand, there ARE other people in our big world with similar intelligence, ideas and writing skills who could follow up on his stories. Brilliance is out there, though it may take time to find it, and not necessarily among official writers with a reputed publication history (without pointing fingers, look how boring, utterly unasimovian and uninspired was one of the three authorized Foundation sequels, while the other two were enjoyable). This is where the attitude of the Asimov Estate failed and fails terribly.

    Onward to Foundation and Second Empire. Let me tell you that my overall impression is immensely positive. I loved the book. It is very complicated, as is the universe it deals with, and Jeffery Brown manages to handle all the convoluted threads masterfully. I was overwhelmed by all the details, all the references he brought on board. The motivations of the different galactic powers are all valid, all are very logical consequences of their past interlinked histories. I truly understand why it took the author several years to complete this book. Had he done it in a shorter time, it would probably have gaping holes in logic and plot.

    One thing I found very charming is that the story is delivered in a very Asimovian way. In Asimov’s original Foundation trilogy there is almost only talk and no action (his own words in the foreword of Foundation’s Edge), with everything unfolding in the background. I percieved the same writer’s device in Foundation and Second Empire, and treasured it greatly. This is not a hot action SF book to satisfy the needs of fast readers for shallow fun. It is worth devoting long reading hours and further time for intimate contemplation, preferably without being interrupted.

    And it is a promising opening for concluding one of the grandest sagas of Science Fiction.

    Five stars for the book. Another star for being bold enough to write and publish it. Alas, Amazon does not allow 6 stars…

    Attila Torkos

  3. I may not be in my sixties yet (!), but like Michael I’m a huge fan of Asimov’s Foundation universe and have read the books many times. When I discovered Foundation and Second Empire (on Amazon Kindle) I was slightly dubious but thought it worth reading after being convinced by reviews.

    Thank goodness I did – it’s excellent, and truly does feel, and read, like the originals. On completing the book I immediately looked for the sequel and was surprised and disappointed to find no sign of it, and the first book had been removed. Much searching later revealed that Jeffrey Brown has been prevented continuing the series. I can’t help but feel that Asimov would be as disappointed as I and many others are that the story isn’t being allowed to run through to a conclusion.

    Whilst I cannot support some of the comments regarding the ‘3B’ books, I did find them to be too different from the original story line and writing style. Mr Brown’s book isn’t, it’s excellent.

    I can only add my support and best wishes to Mr Brown in his bid to receive an official ‘thumbs up’ from Asimov’s Estate to further books.

    Good luck!

  4. I have to say that I have not yet read Mr. Brown’s addition to the Foundation series. But, I have seen all of the positive feedback he has received.

    Unlike Attila, I found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING entertaining in any of the 3B “contributions”. Not one single book was worthy of being inserted into the middle of this great series. The 3B’s did not write for the “common” man as Asimov did, and, as I understand it, Mr. Brown has. That is refreshing to know.

    When I get around to rereading the entire Robots/Empire/Foundation series again (minus 3B), I am looking forward to adding Mr. Brown’s works to the end.

  5. I have been a more recent Foundation Fan (last 8 years or so). Your understanding of the Asimov world is very impressive. I feel your book is more in tune with the theme than the Second Foundation Trilogy.

    I’m sure I will enjoy your next segment of the story.


  6. I purchased the book from amazon and loved it. Very ‘Asimov’. Disappointed to discover that I’m now out of pocket as although its in my library, I no longer have access to it. Was desperately hoping to read the other 2 books, but I guess that’s not going to happen.

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