Book Three

I have been working on book three since the summer of last year. I have finished (and first-time corrected) chapters one and two. Upon completion of TROTI, I took (a much needed) seven-month hiatus from writing. I used the time to recover a bit and to map-out the new book in my head. More difficult was actually getting going on it.

The first three months of writing were slow, sporadic, and laborious. I then began to get into a rhythm, and now I am on a disciplined five session per week schedule. Some days are still better than others, but apparently, for me, this is how it always is going to be.

The third book is set 800 years after the second book, well into the Second Empire Era. I have a tentative title for the book (but I do not like it very much, and will probably not use it). If anyone has a good idea for a title, send it along to the administrator (me) of this web-page. I promise to duly credit you for any good idea I appropriate. 


  1. That’s very nice to hear! Godspeed!

    I assume it will be about the “Returnee Confrontation” mentioned at the end of Book 2, is that right?

  2. The titles so far have mentioned the Foundation(s), the Second Empire, and the Robots. The Solarians have come to a bad end (or have they?). How about some variation on “Gaia and Solaria”?

    1. The title to the new book will be The End of Foundation (unless, of course, I change my mind).

  3. Hi!
    I understand you are putting an end to the Foundation. Is there anything afterwards?
    If so, what about Beyond the Foundation? Was this a title you already had in mind I believe?

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Not to worry. The “end” in my title is a triple entendre and none of the connotations are meant to imply the fall of the Foundation or the failure of the Foundation. The first meaning alludes to the fact that the Foundation (or humanity) has reached its goal. After all, Hari Seldon’s Plan was supposed to “end” after 1000 years and with the successful investiture of the Second Empire. End can mean many things, e.g., the opposite ends of the galaxy, Stars’ end.

      The second meaning is an inside joke which I will share with you. This is most definitely my last Foundation book. The trilogy, after all, is called the Final Foundation Trilogy. Foundation, as a story, outlasted Isaac’s lifetime and will surely outlast mine. Someone else will, most assuredly, come along to pick up the threads of the story and, hopefully, one day we will get the Asimov Estate on board.

      Lastly, I have tried to pay homage to Asimov’s book The End of Eternity. I highly recommend this work. Okay, it is a little outdated in its prose (very 1950ish) but I still consider it one of his best books. Furthermore, Asimov does tie The End of Eternity tangentially into his Foundation series (as do I).

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