1. I had the chance to read your book “Robots of the Interregnum” and it was a very enjoyable read. I thought that the way that you masterfully wove the tale around the final months of FE999 was really insightful. I had tried to read the other “Foundation Books” that were authorized by the Asimov estate and they just don’t really compare with your rendition.

    The book perhaps needed to add a little more excitement but your clues to an invasion of the Milky Way was quite intriguing. I hope that it will be a part of your final FINAL book of this trilogy. I had been waiting for this book for a long time (years really) and it was worth waiting for!!! Thanks again for your efforts and I look forward to your next book…5 years from now of course!

  2. I enjoyed your first book immensely. Looking forward to reading this one.

  3. Excited to see this book released.
    I think I’ll reread FASF this holiday season to prime myself for this new entry.

  4. I have spent the past 10 days reading your new book, and I was really pleased with the story! I highly recommend this book for fans of the Foundation series. I enjoyed reading about the robots and the societies that they established during their diaspora, and their re-emergence onto the Galactic Scene. It is a worthy story to present to your fans!

    Great Read!

  5. I started reading Asimov over 45 years ago and loved the Foundation and Robot series from day one. It had a take on galactic future history so unlike most other authors of the time or since. You do his legacy a distinct service by your thoughtful and compelling narrative and by concluding his epic grand tale. It’s a pity the estate couldn’t see the merit of continuing his story but I understand the copyright implications get in the way.

    I can’t imagine the dedication involved in pursuing this project and look forward to the concluding novel of this trilogy.

    Much thanks for all your hard work!

  6. What a fantastic novel ! What an immense wealth of knowledge packed into this book. It is a wonderful travelogue on its own right, with scenes here and there carrying forward the story of the Foundations, robots and Gaia into the actual Second Empire, while all the time backfilling the gaps of 20 millennia of history with invaluable insight, stunning stories and lots of data. At the same time, a fascinating look into robots transforming from bondage beings into people of free intellect, and experiencing humanlike maturation from early adolescent to an almost full adult. The projections of the future to come are extremely intriguing, forecasting a fantastic third volume. And the most stunning of all, no matter if it was a conscious effort or not, is that the full explanation on how the Seldon Plan can still work at the end of the Interregnum despite all the possible derailings it got is fully understandably there between the lines – one just has to think about it.

    Thank you, Jeff. Thank you for not failing, thank you for your stamina in writing all this in a truly enjoyable fashion. Asimov would be very proud of what you achieved here.

  7. I haven’t had a chance to read this book (or your first, either), but I have downloaded them. I want to start over with Asimov’s works first (without that trash written by the 3Bs, of course…once was more than enough struggling through that tripe!).

    I’m reading great things here about both books, so I look forward to when I get to the point where I can read them. Since others here have also commented negatively on the 3Bs’ works, and praise yours so highly, I can’t wait. Hopefully I’ll be all caught up in 5 years when the next one comes out. 🙂

    1. As for the 3Bs’, Foundation’s Fear, by Gregory Benford is terrible. It completely throws the whole saga off the track by introducing Voltaire and Joan of Arc, two characters that are irrelevant to the story, and not wanted, and debates their philosophies for hundreds of pages, which none of us want to read. Greg Bear’s Foundation and Chaos is much better, it brings us back to the story and introduces a new plot line, making it exciting. David Brin’s Foundation’s Triumph is okay, making references to Pebble in the Sky, of Asimov’s Galactic Empire Trilogy. As for the 3B’, skip Benford’s book completely and go to Foundation and Chaos (the best of the three) and then Foundation’s Triumph. Call it the “2Bs'” instead.

  8. Just downloaded them and really looking forward to read them.
    In the past 40 years I read all there was to read from Asimov’s work, including all that revolve around his universe.
    Among the latter, I liked those from Roger MacBride Allen but did not the 3B’s.
    Thanks for the feat.

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