First Draft

I’ve now completed the first draft of The Robots of the Interregnum. After a brief respite (Mallorca) I will begin work on the final version of the book. This will consist of rewriting each chapter, and then going over them a final time to root out syntax, grammar, and spelling errors. I hope that what I learned from my self-editing of Foundation and Second Empire can be put to good use.

Besides rewriting and editing I have a few minor, but critical, additions I want to make to the middle chapters of the book. When the final version is completed, I will prepare the book for epub and mobi downloadable formats and put them up on this webpage. The book will be, as promised, free of charge.

I don’t know how long this will take. My guess is between nine and twelve months. I will however keep posting my progress. Since the book is 15 chapters (plus an epilogue) I will post in thirds (or perhaps in fifths if it is really dragging out).

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  1. Thanks for the update, I shall be anxiously awaiting your work!

    I temporarily lost the address for your blog (OMG). But not to worry a quick google and I found it again, and this time I bookmarked it!

    But please, no need to reply.

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