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    1. I’m in the process of writing the final chapter, but it is a fairly long and important one. I will then start the process of rewriting/editing which will take a minimum of 9 months. Then I will need about a month to prep the book and get it up on the website. Sorry it is taking so long, but I hope to be able to speed the process up in the near future.
      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the kind words.

  1. I am so excited to hear about your progress!!! Maybe you can have it ready for next Christmas!!! It will be worth the wait I am sure.

  2. Will there be further interactions involving Daneel, now with Elijah, in the sequel, with perhaps a return to their previous dynamic as detectives?

    1. Hi Lucinde,
      No, Elijah and Daneel are not present (only referred to) in my second book. The four main characters are Jos, Trania, Malcolm, and Dors. I think a series of detective novels relating the untold exploits of the Daneel-Elijah partnership is a wonderful idea. Is there anyone out there willing to take up the challenge?

      1. Just stumbled across this comment when I was looking for the link to download the novel again. I would happily take up the challenge. To be clear, of course, if this would be taking place within your own literary canon I would want your express permission, and similarly, I’d love to hear what ideas you’d have for them and would like to see written.

  3. I purchased your volume one in 2014 on wanted to purchase a copy for my brother. However I was dismayed when I could not find it. So I did a Google search and wound up here. I am working on publishing on wordpress myself.

    Will try to download an epub format for my brother. Wish me luck!

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