One Year Later

I was somewhat discouraged to see that a whole year has passed since my last post. I haven’t been idle, though. I have a writing schedule (such as it is) and have managed to stick to it through thick and thin. I’ve just completed chapter 13 of The Robots of the Interregnum which leaves me with two chapters to go. The last two chapters take place on Kalgan (14) and Terminus (15). At the rate I am writing, they should take about four months apiece. Then I will start rewriting and editing. There will be a good deal of consistency editing (for lack of a better term) plus I am planning a few minor in-chapter additions. Rewriting and editing will, I hope, take me around nine months. After this, I will need about a month to prep the book for e-book formats and then I’ll put it up (FOC) on this website.

I won’t wait too long to start on book number 3 (which I thought to entitle Beyond Foundation, until the Star Trek franchise beat me to the punch). I have high hopes that I can start to write at a faster clip by then. This October I will make a (really tough) decision on whether to continue working full-time (for two years), switch over to part-time, or stop working altogether. As they say in Denmark: I have seven minds on the matter.

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  1. Ironically, I just discovered your first story yesterday and have already finished it. It was fantastic! I can’t believe your work is not more well known. I especially loved your characterization of Daneel… and his fate, which led to pleasant endings (I believe).

    In fact, I do want to ask. In FaSE, does Daneel greeting Marat in heaven! How does that work. And has Elijah been watching Daneel from the ethereal realm this whole time.

    Again, lovely work. I look forward to the next addition 🙂

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